Hotwire Coupon Crash Course: Learn 6 Italian Expressions!

Hotwire Coupon Crash Course: Learn 6 Italian Expressions!

The Hotwire Coupon Challenge:

Let’s say you’ve got a great deal on a trip to Italy thanks to a Hotwire hotel discount code that picked up. But here’s the trouble: you don’t know any Italian! With our crash course, we’re going to give you 6 quick phrases you can learn right now that will make you sound like you grew up in the old country….


6 Italian Expressions to Make You Sound Like A Native


Whether you’ve been studying Italian for twenty minutes or twenty years, it’s always great to pick up some phrases that will help you to sound like a native speaker. Maybe you’re about to travel to Rome or simply looking to pick up a gorgeous Florentine at the bar. Whatever your skill level, these phrases will make you sound like a true Italian! 

Non mi va

If you want to casually express disinterest in a plan then “Non mi va” is the way to go. It’s used to mean “I don’t feel like doing that” so it’s a natural reply to an invitation to a movie that you think sounds boring, or a friend urging you to buy an ugly shirt. 

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If learning Italian means you can visit places like this….worth it!


This is one of those words that you’ll hear constantly in Italy, generally in an incredulous shout. “Dai” is a way of saying “C’mon!” or “Hey!” to urge someone (as in “Dai, have another drink with us!”) or sometimes to say “Come on, stop” if someone is teasing you. 

Stai zitto 

One of the most important phrases to have under your belt when meeting the wonderful but full-on Italian people, “Stai zitto” is a way of saying “Shut up” or “Zip it!” that can be harsh or humorous depending on your delivery. 


Perhaps the most broadly and simply used Italian phrase is allora. It roughly translates as “Well…” or “Anyway” and can be usefully added at the beginning of most sentences where you might otherwise find yourself awkwardly mumbling “Um…”. 

In bocca al lupo 

The native way to express “Good luck!”, this phrase literally translates as “In the mouth of the wolf”. The appropriate reply is “Crepi al lupo” or just “Crepi!”. This expression is appropriate in both casual and more serious situations. 


This is one of the phrases that non-natives have the most problems with but it’s actually very simple. It essentially means “I wish!” or “If only!”, so insert it at the beginning or end of sentences expressing things you hope might happen. 

Master these simple expressions, put on your most stylish outfit, and get ready to convince everyone that you’re a native born Italian. 

How Promo Codes Promote Tourism In Italy

Where Promo Codes Come In.

So you've found an instant rebate deal for a trip to Italy. You've always wanted to go, the only question is: what do I see first? Tuscany? Rome? Sicily? The Vatican? 

The tourist industry of Italy plays a significant role in developing its economy. If a country is rich in natural flora and fauna, then it can attract a lot of tourists that is beneficial to its tourism sector. Moreover, in the recent years, the psychology of the tourists has undergone a drastic change. Nowadays, people like to spend time with their family and friends. At the same time, they like to travel to new destinations that could be thrilling and adventurous. This is the reason that the tourism sector in many countries has registered a massive growth. This, in turn, influences several hotel and accommodation facilities. discount codes

According to many experts, hotels play a crucial role in the tourism sector of Italy. It is so because tourists tend to make hotels their home during their stay in the foreign land. promo codes

It becomes their second home. Hence, it becomes necessary for the hotel authorities to provide better facilities to the travelers. On the flipside, the present day tourists like to book hotels by its ratings and user reviews. coupon codes

These user reviews and ratings are found in online sites. Hence, it is important for hotel industries to provide the best services as this would generate positive reviews from the travelers.

Acts as a bridge between the traveler and the place

The new site presents several challenges to the new traveler. Hence, it becomes necessary that the hotel provides the best services to its guests as it would enhance the traveling experience for the guests. By traveling to a new place, a traveler finds that he or she has difficulty in communicating with the local people. Moreover, they cannot understand the local culture. In this situation, the best hotels always act as a bridge between the traveler and the new place by helping the tourist to understand the new culture.

The Best Hotels In Italy

A majority of hotels around the world provides guided tours as they enhance the traveling experience for the guests. Furthermore, many hotels also offer guides who help travelers in understanding the local culture and the language.


Advance Bookings

When a hotel provides the best facility to a traveler, then it is imperative that the passenger would feel at home in a foreign place. This, in turn, helps to project the positive brand image of the country in front of the tourist.

It is always good to be well-prepared while taking a trip to a new place. If you want to get cheap hotel deals, then make a booking in advance. Booking a room in a hotel, in advance, will provide you with a high number of options. Choosing from a vast array rate cards will help in getting a cheap deal for sure.The main aim of the traveler is to check out the various tourist spots. You will hardly spend a significant amount of time in the hotel rooms. So, splurging a lot on the rooms is not a good idea when you can get the facilities at the cheaper rate.

How To Use Applications Actually In Booking The Best Hotels In Italy?

Booking the best hotels in Italy is one of the toughest jobs. It has been found that many times people have to face problems during the booking of hotels. This is mainly because of the issue of the distance. In the previous day, it has been found that these types of problems have been making the life of the people in a mess. Many travelers have to face this kind of problem and have to cancel their trip. But now it has been found that the use of the application software has made a change in the scenario. Now the problem is already done.

They are the cheapest

The online sites have been made in such a way that the ordinary people can get the best of the deals in booking a hotel. It has been found that in the previous day’s people do not get the option to choose the hotel booking rate. They have to pay that amount that has been made by the hotel managers. This has also caused trouble in booking hotels in the foreign lands. But with the invention of the online hotel booking sites, this problem has been demolished.

You can book at any time

The online hotel booking sites have been made only for the use of the ordinary people. The individuals who have used this type of application get the option to book a hotel at any time. These applications have the range to book the hotels that have been located internationally. Many people like to spend the vacation in the foreign lands. This online application has been made in such a way that they will also provide deals in the booking of the hotels that are located internationally. From different parts of the world, people can use this application software to book hotels.

Get the best of the deals

The main reason that many people now days use this application software is to get the best deals. This application software is not only made to provide deals in the hotel booking offers but also provides the customer to use the service of the hotel in different ways.

You can have the option to choose the hotels from different sites by comparing the rates of the hotel by viewing different locations at the same time.

What Are The Top Considerations That One Should Take Into Account While Opting For The Best Hotels In Italy?

If you are willing to make a trip in the holiday seasons, then Italy is the place that you should consider. Full of amazing tourist spots, this is the ideal location for lovesick couples, looking for a nice romantic getaway and also for the globetrotters. No matter which category you belong to, you will need to select a place to live in. This requirement can be met adequately with the help of the number of hotels, which are operating in the city.

Points to remember for getting cheaper deals

There are different types of hotels, and each of them comes with a different rate card. If you are such a person who does not like to dole out a significant amount of cash, then this is the article you should read. Here you will get certain tips that will help you in getting hold of cheap hotels in Italy.

Making a direct call

This is a conventional way and many tourists still, take advantage of it. When you make a call to the front desk of the hotel, you will get a chance of talking to the authority directly. This will eliminate the likelihood of the increase in the rate of hotel bookings by removing the presence of third parties. Once the call has been made, you will be able to get information on the rooms’ available, facilities and you will also get a chance to negotiate on the rates.

Book hotels that can be canceled

There are many hotels, which follow a “no refund” policy. This means that you will not get the chance of canceling the booking after it has been made in advance. This is the main reason for the higher rates. On the other hand, there are many hotels, which allow the tourists to cancel the reservations. The prices in the hotels of the second category are comparatively lower.