Hotwire Coupon Crash Course: Learn 6 Italian Expressions!

Hotwire Coupon Crash Course: Learn 6 Italian Expressions!

The Hotwire Coupon Challenge:

Let’s say you’ve got a great deal on a trip to Italy thanks to a Hotwire hotel discount code that picked up. But here’s the trouble: you don’t know any Italian! With our crash course, we’re going to give you 6 quick phrases you can learn right now that will make you sound like you grew up in the old country….


6 Italian Expressions to Make You Sound Like A Native


Whether you’ve been studying Italian for twenty minutes or twenty years, it’s always great to pick up some phrases that will help you to sound like a native speaker. Maybe you’re about to travel to Rome or simply looking to pick up a gorgeous Florentine at the bar. Whatever your skill level, these phrases will make you sound like a true Italian! 

Non mi va

If you want to casually express disinterest in a plan then “Non mi va” is the way to go. It’s used to mean “I don’t feel like doing that” so it’s a natural reply to an invitation to a movie that you think sounds boring, or a friend urging you to buy an ugly shirt. 

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If learning Italian means you can visit places like this….worth it!


This is one of those words that you’ll hear constantly in Italy, generally in an incredulous shout. “Dai” is a way of saying “C’mon!” or “Hey!” to urge someone (as in “Dai, have another drink with us!”) or sometimes to say “Come on, stop” if someone is teasing you. 

Stai zitto 

One of the most important phrases to have under your belt when meeting the wonderful but full-on Italian people, “Stai zitto” is a way of saying “Shut up” or “Zip it!” that can be harsh or humorous depending on your delivery. 


Perhaps the most broadly and simply used Italian phrase is allora. It roughly translates as “Well…” or “Anyway” and can be usefully added at the beginning of most sentences where you might otherwise find yourself awkwardly mumbling “Um…”. 

In bocca al lupo 

The native way to express “Good luck!”, this phrase literally translates as “In the mouth of the wolf”. The appropriate reply is “Crepi al lupo” or just “Crepi!”. This expression is appropriate in both casual and more serious situations. 


This is one of the phrases that non-natives have the most problems with but it’s actually very simple. It essentially means “I wish!” or “If only!”, so insert it at the beginning or end of sentences expressing things you hope might happen. 

Master these simple expressions, put on your most stylish outfit, and get ready to convince everyone that you’re a native born Italian.